Hempture Organic Virgin Cold Pressed Hemp seed oil – 500ml


We are proud to announce our first release of Hempture Organic Virgin Cold Pressed Hemp seed oil

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Hempture Organic Virgin Cold Pressed Hemp seed oil – 500ml

2019 vintage

One of our finest Hempture products to date come in individually numbered glass bottles and contains 500ml of the most beautiful Hemp seed oil you will encounter.

Hemp Seed Oil is said to be rich in omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids (EFA’s, good healthy fats), it has a full amino acid spectrum meaning that it provides complete protein and it has a high mineral content.

Ingredients: 100% cold pressed ORGANIC EU HEMP seed oil

SUITABLE FOR: Vegetarians & vegans



EIRLAB TESTED – www.Eirlab.eu

500ml | 16.907 Fl oz

Store in a cool dark place away from light.

Energy 3398 Kj/812Kcal. Fat 92g,(of which saturates 11.0g). Carbohydrate 0.0g. Fibre 0g. Protein 0g. Salt 0g. Vitamin E (γ tocoferol) 14.7g. Potassium 10mg. Omega 9 12g. Omega 6 50g. Omega 3 18g

The product is not genetically modified (according to EC/1829/2003 and

The latest crop is from the Hemp seed strain of polish origin called Bialobrzeskie.
Bialobrzeskie is know to have an weighted average of 0.16% THC and 1.32% CBD. Final lab results will be completed and available shortly.

The 5 Acre plantation is located in quiet rural area in Wicklow and gets full benefit of the Sun as you can see from the pictures here. We measured 1 plant at nearly 9 Foot tall!!


The crop is grown under licence from the relevant Irish government department and what a spectacular crop it is. The images you see were taken by our team in Wicklow on Sunday 27th September 2015.

Click here to see pictures &  read more about the 2015 crop