Hempture Hemp Tea bags x 10


Hempture Hemp Tea bags

We are delighted to bring you the finest raw organic hemp directly FROM THE FARM!

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Hempture Hemp Tea bags

Getting your daily fix of Cannabinoids has now become very easy!

This Hemp variety is Futura 75 Cannabis Sativa L. EU Approved and certified hemp. ORGANIC Buds, flowers and leaves. THC level <0.2%. NO SEEDS. NO TWIGS. EU Grown. IIHA Quality assured. 100% Pure Hemp nothing added. Suitable for Vegans, Non GMO. No Chemical Additives have been used during the growing process. MADE IN IRELAND.

CBD content: 2.52%


-Hemp variety is – Futura 75
-EU Approved and certified hemp blend
-Buds, flowers and leaves
-THC level less then 0.2%
-100% hemp
-EU Grown
-Organically grown
-100% Pure and Quality assured.
-100% Pure Hemp nothing added
-Organic Hemp Buds – 100% Sieved Flowers & Leaves
-Suitable for Vegans, Non GMO & No Chemical Additives

THC up to 0.2%. Our hemp team contains only the permitted amount of THC up to 0.2% according to European Union standards HEMP TEA has a distinctive taste which is due to the high purity of the product as it has NO artificial sweeteners, artificial flavours.

Instructions for use: To prepare one cup of hemp tea, place 1 teabag into a mug, Pour over boiling water (200 – 300 ml) and let the tea infuse for 3-10 minutes and then enjoy! Its recommend to drink without milk. Add sweetener if required. 1 tea bag can be used twice, simply add more water and let infuse again and enjoy!

We recommend using hemp in combination with fat, because cannabinoids, which are the main component of hemp, are more soluble in fats. It also increases the effect they have on the human organism. When serving tea, it is good to add milk or cream if thats what you like(naturally, you can use soy, almond or another vegan milk depending on your tastes). When making hot and cold meals, hemp can be used as seasoning when combined with oil or another type of fat. (We use it like rosemary, thyme, oregano and other herbs).

Please note: This tea is intended for drinking use only.

We are delighted to bring you the finest raw organic hemp directly!  

We have selected the highest quality Hemp possible to bring you this raw unprocessed plant in it natural state. Nothing has been added or removed. Our Hemp is organically grow and pesticides free. It contains full spectrum of the benefits of hemp. We use a drying process that uses waste heat produced from a biogas power station.

Package contains:
Hemp tea bags x 10